Why Jimmy Fallon is my spirit animal


Ever since Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show in February of this year, the late night line-up has come alive with song, dance and hashtags. Fallon has brought a whole new wave of millennial eyes to NBC and The Tonight Show. He resonates with a younger generation with his comedic thank you notes, lip-sync battles and dancing pandas. Plus, he’s just so freakin’ adorable.

In light of my recent success in reserving my tickets for The Tonight Show while I’m in New York this summer (silent happy dance), I thought I would take an explanatory look at just what exactly makes Jimmy Fallon my spirit animal.

 *Side note: post-publication I’ve realized Chuck Bass is also my spirit animal. You can have two, right?


He realizes New York City is the greatest city in the world


After bringing The Tonight Show back to the Big Apple and installing a giant wooden fixture of the city’s skyline in his studio I think it’s safe to say New York holds a special place in Fallon’s heart, and with good reason. I’m exactly 5 days into my summer stay in Manhattan and I’m smitten. Perhaps even more smitten than I was with Fallon when he sang a barbershop quartet version of “Talk Dirty to Me” with Kevin Spacey. *Elitist laugher* Oh, James.

He’s best friends with Justin Timberlake… I mean come on.


This totally would have been at the top of the list but I didn’t know if that made me shallow or not. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jimmy for Jimmy, not his celeb bromance with the Sexyback, but that doesn’t hurt either. I mean seriously, have you seen the two of them interact ever? It’s the cutest thing you will ever see in your life. I will be shamelessly wearing my Fallon / Timberlake 2016 shirt to The Tonight Show this summer. Who knows, maybe they’ll invite me into their group and we can be the new Three Musketeers. I can dream, can’t I?



tumblr_n60c9wySVt1rqgazeo3_250 tumblr_n60c9wySVt1rqgazeo4_250

“S-A-R-A with no H, ‘cause Hs are EW!”


If you don’t know what this references I am sorry for you and your comedy experiences up until this point. On the fake tween show Ew! Fallon dresses up as a teenage girl named Sara who talks with her other teenage girl friends like Channing Tatum, Will Ferrell and Seth Rogan. The teenyboppers discuss life’s ultimate hot topic issues such as Starbucks and OneDirection. You mean you still haven’t seen it?? EW!!!

Thank you notes


Enough said.

He made The Tonight Show fun again


Don’t get me wrong; I liked Jay Leno and all the other past hosts, but they just didn’t do anything for me like Fallon does. Maybe I’m immature and my attention span is whacked out from being a child of Gen-Y but I enjoy the bike races and lip-flip bits. He makes it enjoyable to stay up and watch the late night lineup. Even if I do turn the TV off after he’s over, it’s a start right?

I’m sure I could go on, but in an effort to refrain from being boring and/or creepy, I’ll stop my list there. If you haven’t watched Jimmy Fallon in any of the work he’s done on SNL, Late Night or The Tonight Show, I highly recommend it. His classic charm and light-hearted wit is the perfect way to put a smile on your face right before you head to bed.

Admittedly, I stole line that from his opening monologue on the first episode of The Tonight Show, but we don’t need any more reasons to love him.


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