6 old time movie hunks for any generation


Every generation has its own lineup of Hollywood hotties. Before we had Tatum and Gosling, dancing and time-traveling babes ruled the screen. Even though its been 15 years and the leg warmers and big hair have died, some 80’s classics have stood the test of time. Ryan Reynolds and Zac Efron will be lucky if they stay as shiny as these 80’s golden boys 15 years from now.

1. Kevin Bacon 


If you haven’t seen Footloose, you’re living life wrong. In Kevin Bacon’s breakout role as Ren McCormick, he dances his way into our hearts through an abandoned warehouse in a tight fitting tank top . His recent appearance on the Tonight Show to celebrate the movie’s 30th anniversary proves he’s just as cute now.

2. Matthew Broderick 


A cute guy and a life lesson? We’ll take it. Fewer cult classics were as successful as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Through his quirky narration, undeniable charm and wit, Matthew Broderick stole America’s hearts, and no bad day can stand the force of Bueller’s “Twist & Shout” rendition. We’ll skip school with you any day Ferris.

3. Michael J. Fox


Helloooo, McFly! If you weren’t in love with Michael J. Fox when you saw the Back to the Future movies then you must be in the wrong time. This Rock ‘n’ Roll cutie still makes us drool…life preserver and all. The fact that we’ve passed the date in the future that Marty and Doc travel to in the second movie does make me feel old, but I can still dream that 17-year-old Marty is coming for me…right?

4. Johnny Depp


This guy is so synonymous with the word heartthrob it’s almost hard to consider him a classic. But c’mon…look at that hair. From his first role in Nightmare on Elm Street to his roles as Captain Jack Sparrow, I find it hard to believe there’s anything you can do to this guy to make him bad looking.

5. Patrick Swayze


Why did men ever stop dancing?!? Obviously those are the guys who got all the girls. I don’t think there was any 80’s girl who didn’t want to be Baby from Dirty Dancing. Those muscles, the way he stood up to Baby’s dad, Swayze knew what it took to be a heartthrob. And any man who can star as a drag queen and still be sexy…kudos, Swayze.

6. Patrick Dempsey 


Dr. McDreamy was almost as cute on the back of a tractor as he is in scrubs. As the adorkable Ronald Miller in Can’t Buy Me Love, Dempsey proves that geek can be chic. I highly doubt he’d have to pay anyone to be his girlfriend today, but that lovable 80’s tween will always have a place in our hearts.

– Sierra Vandervort –


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